Interventional neuroradiology and distal protection devices

 Cardiovascular and neurovascular stents

 Tissue heart valves (surgical and percutaneous/transcatheter)

 Surgical and vascular bioadhesives, biomaterials, and coatings

 Solid and liquid (in situ polymerizing) embolic devices
(coils, PVA, and nBCA)

 Orthopedic devices and biomaterials

 Surgical meshes, vascular grafts, and tissue scaffolds

 Surgical and minimally invasive (MIS) ablation devices
(including cardiac ablation)

 Active implantable devices (percutaneous ICD)

 Heart Failure and CRM

 Ultrasound equipment, software, accessories and other diagnostic devices

 Implantable clips for new applications

 Percutaneous balloon catheters (PTA and PTCA)

 Drug and biologic delivery systems

 Human tissues for transplantation

 Combination Devices

 Infusion and diagnostic catheters,  guiding catheters, and guidewires

 Vascular access and closure devices

 In Vitro Diagnostic Point of Care Devices

 mHealth and Health IT (MDDS, Mobile Apps, EHR, HIT, HIE, etc.)

Successful domestic and international regulatory submission track record for innovative Class III/II medical devices.


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